photographs of clothing/merch can be kind of repetitive

  • landmarks are Animal Crossing Bells exciting for players that are new but need some organization. Either a given day of the week for posting them (or maybe have them enabled on the evenings ) or a megathread

    Pictures taken of the console display are nice provided that the picture is discernible. There's no point posting photographs with this much glare that I can't see what's happening. HQ images are simple to access a phone with the newest upgrade. (I also saw the article with the change in the microwave. It was insane)

    photographs of clothing/merch can be kind of repetitive. Sharing the announcement of this colour pop collab made sense. Everyone posting a photograph of the exact same palette or box once it arrives in the mail is tedious.

    The only time that I had been annoyed by somebody carrying a pic of the switch's screen rather than using the screencap purpose was when a dude who was clearly trolling kept posting more and more absurd shots of his display, culminating in him submitting a pic of his change's display in the microwave once somebody pointed out the light in his other pics was bad.

    But that was one instance in all the months I've browsed this sub, and it was something easily dealt with if people learned to recognize that a troll and only downvote his stuff when they watched it. However, in my experience modding on Buy Nook Miles Ticket other websites, some folks are always going to fall to the troll bait, unfortunately.