I'll write up some docs for EVE echoes

  • Obtaining reliable market feed may unlock so many matters. I've so many thoughts that eve echoes isk are blocked because of absence of market information. Educated guess: using blue stacks and scratching the marketplace data file.That's how the 3rd party EO market tools work.There is no way to see the file system on unrooted/non-jailbroken telephones etc.You probably pull from the files that the customer dumps in json on the local drive. Not one of them are encrypted/scrambled so that's achievable and I ondt believe against the TOS.

    The issue arises with generating the industry question in the first place. If you don't spend your time on the client doing manual market queries, you have a not do this and that part ifld against TOS.Are you cool with third parties hitting the site API? There are scores of recorder manufacturers out there that would love this.Yeah, absolutely! It's possible to observe the API URLs if you check the network requests that it is making. I put the API supporting Cloudflare so it ought to be safe for you to reach it as much as you desire.

    You are welcome! Allow me to know if you make something cool using it.May be a good idea to cache API calls onto a CDN for historic purposes, maybe daily drives, this way we can generate long-term trends on the data.Also, Are you capturing locations for your buy and sell orders? Would be Neat to break down this by different regions to see need. Jita is a mess right now.The API provides a list of historic stats, which means you shouldn't need to cache anything. :-RRB- And yeah, I have locations but I'm not exposing that however.

    Yeah, do it! I'll write up some docs for the API at some point and put them on the webpage, however you need to have the ability to figure it out by just looking at the network tab in a browser.I'm taking a look at making some personal tools, so this is really useful. It happens to me that this could be integrated with sheets pretty readily, too, because data could be processed and loaded through scripts.If I make them and use themI'll share thembut not till they are affirmed. I've also used all my spare time really playing the game instead of working on tools.

    Just wondering, how can you get those data? Is there available api somewhere?There isn't an API, I'm basically just scratching the very same information that you are able to view from within the game.Sounds like a lot of work! How frequently do you upgrade prices?I've gotten so that I can update several times per day, right now.I want I got into programming. You're amazing.Maybe I'll start looking into what language do you say is fantastic for buy EVE Mobile ISK an entire newb? Python?Yeah, python is a great starting language!