Here is the end of the OSRS blackjacking article

  • If you fail to knock the NPC outside, then he might start attacking you. In that situation, you can attempt to RuneScape gold interrupt him before his next hit by pickpocketing once or another knockout attempt. In case you've neglected and your target wants to fight you then you should escape by scaling a ladder or merely by working away.

    Another choice to prevent combat is to utilize lure option right after the initial attack and also to spame space to bypass the conversation until another attack happens. You will have to do this one very quickly because if you won't manage to skip the entire dialogue you'll have to fight or run away. If you're bringing food mentioned above to Pollnivneach you can unnote it via NPC in general shop. Another option is to buy it directly from Ali that the Bartender which resides in the neighborhood bar.

    Other methods of training. A few of the players could choose different ways of having to max level in Thieving. There are methods like pickpocketing Master Farmers, stealing from Stalls like Cake, Fruit and Hosidius, pickpocketing Knights of Ardougne and many others that might give you greater success rate. The majority of those methods are in east Ardougne. These acitivities are pretty simple and self explanatory and can lead to easy money.

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