That game is composed as a reduction to Sega.

  • It is a rumor, however, Jeff Gertsmann was the person who talked about it, and he's not some random. Granted, he is not super powerful in the gaming scene, but he is very much an experienced reporter and match reviewer, even if he isn't a journalist; he's a great deal of meseta pso2 connections. For some time SEGA had to focus only on a few important franchises at the west, and it was only after SEGA of America was merged to Atlus USA at 2015 that things began to get much better.

    There was no way they might have handled a massive online game such as PSO2 during those years, and even after the mix, they were busy with not only localizing more games from more franchises that they couldn't in the years earlier, but they were busy with improving their localization procedure so the western releases could be closer to the JP releases. Even now in 2020 the current SEGA of America/Atlus USA wouldn't have been able to handle the entire PSO2 job independently (as we can see from the partnership between SEGA and Microsoft with MS hosting both the servers and community and service being outsourced to ESTSoft).

    "We heard a great deal of players say they have been waiting eight long years with this launch. [laughs] So we were very happy about that." Sorry) one rather than a mocking one. It is in the end of a query about how hot that the beta was. It reads as"a lot more individuals played beta than expected, and told us they had been waiting eight long years for this - so people were happy at how popular it had been" instead of"we had been happy people were awaiting eight years" Frankly I am just glad the game was outside, it is doing well, we are actually getting content upgrades and such.

    Therefore, even if they didn't care we appear to be in a fine place right now and that is what's important. Just continue playing and supporting the game if you like it and Sega will see that they have a good enough player base here not to bungle things in the future. What a non response for the why the 8 year delay question. Its obvious they lost interest long ago and only changed their mind with this release due to Microsoft practically funding it. All what has been mentioned here makes quite a great deal of sense in retrospect. The clunky translation due to the team not having much control over it, and cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta also the massive delay for your EN version. For all those of you who do not recall, PS as a string has had some really DOGSHIT customer service at the west, all the way back to PSO. Sega as a company has an extreme tendency toward the crippling fear of earning cash.