Misunderstanding Of Using Knurled Rivet Nut

  • For knurled rivet nut, there are many types, and of course, there are many places we can use, so there will be many places we can see. But in the use of knurled rivet nut , we need to know the misunderstanding of the use, so let's understand a misunderstanding.

    Screws and nuts are thicker instead of thinner: For important couplings on the machine, such as drive shafts, flyshafts, etc., the bolts mostly use fine thread. When there are missing parts in the repair, some people use coarse bolts instead. Due to the large inner diameter of the fine-threaded bolt, the smaller the pitch and the outer angle, it has the advantages of high strength and good self-locking performance, and has a strong ability to withstand impact, vibration, and exchange loads; after using coarse-threaded bolts, it is easy to loosen or fall off and break, Causing a mechanical accident.

    Everyone knows that there are many types and classifications of nuts, so many people will find it difficult to choose the first time, and there is a high possibility that they will choose the wrong one, so the first time they choose Many people will choose custom rivet nut , which is convenient and worry-free.