Plastic Box Mold Deformation Prevention During Heat Treatment

  • A single thing like a plastic box is something that can be seen anytime and anywhere in our daily life, so the plastic box mold for making plastic boxes is also a very common item. However, how much do you know about the prevention of deformation of plastic box mold during heat treatment?

    First, we need to use pre-cooling, hierarchical cooling quenching, or warm quenching process as far as possible on the premise of ensuring the hardness of the proof mold.

    Next, we are Changping heat treatment recommendations. For precision and complex molds, when conditions permit, the nitriding heat treatment plant recommends using vacuum heating quenching and cryogenic treatment after quenching as much as possible.

    The last point is that the precision and complex molds must be soft-nitrided in advance to eliminate the residual stress generated during the machining process.

    Of course, in addition to plastic box molds, similar plastic dustbin mould and other molds that deform during heat treatment can be prevented by these methods.