Advantages And Disadvantages Of Plastic Chair Injection Mold

  • Every truly original concept, every design innovation, every new material application, every furniture technology invention can get the most vivid expression on the chair, and the plastic chair is also an important branch. In today's era when plastic chairs are common, the quality of the plastic chair injection mould and the structure of the plastic chair have become a very important criterion.

    Plastic stool is a kind of plastic product, but for different products, the plastic used is different. Plastic stools are very light in texture, and they are very convenient both in handling and transportation. Moreover, these stools can be stacked together and occupy a very small area. This is mainly due to some of its advantages in storage. Secondly, the price of plastic stools is relatively cheap. For ordinary stools, you can buy one for about 15 yuan. For the convenience of life, we can buy a few more for spare. In addition, plastic stools also have disadvantages. Their service life is shorter than that of wooden stools. Its weight is far less than that of wooden or iron stools, so we must be careful not to sit on two people directly. In addition, this type of stool is relatively simple in appearance, generally round and square, and most of them are without a backrest.

    However, whether it is a plastic chair or a chair mold or an electrical appliance mould , it will have its own advantages and disadvantages. Everything has two sides, and if there is a good side, there must be a bad side.