The Molding Stage Of Industrial Tray Molding

  • For Industrial tray molding , as far as the molding stage is concerned, the barrel should be heated first, and this process is mainly realized by the heating device outside the barrel. Then add the material in the hopper to the barrel. Ensure that the material can be plasticized in the external high temperature and screw extrusion process.

    In the plasticizing process, the material in the barrel is heated to change into a viscous flow state, and the plasticity is quite good. Generally speaking, the heating stage of the material is different, and the temperature control provided by it is also different. The hopper end is blind, and its temperature is relatively low, but for the nozzle end. Its temperature will be relatively high. During the rotation process of the screw, friction between the plastic and the inner wall of the heating material is constantly occurring, and then gradually changes from a solid-state to a viscous flow state, and at the same time, it brings a certain pressure to the barrel wall and the screw. This viscous fluid pressure forces the screw to move slowly when it rotates, to prepare for the next stage of injection.

    The plastics industry has developed rapidly in recent years. About half of the world's plastic forming mold output is injection molds, so the injection molding process is very important.