Design Principle Of Ejection Mechanism Of Plastic Box Mold

  • Plastic box mold is very common in our lives, and almost every family needs to use it. Today's daily necessities are developing towards miniaturization and compactness. Plastic boxes are no exception. There are also a variety of plastic boxes on the market with different shapes. Some are made of plastic boxes in fruit shapes, and some are in animal shapes to attract customers' attention and arouse people's desire to buy. And these all benefit from the credit of plastic box mold .

    The design principle of the ejection mechanism: the plastic part stays on the side of the movable mold, so that the demolding device is driven by the mold opening force to complete the demolding action, resulting in a simple mold structure. Strive for a good appearance of the plastic part. When selecting the ejection position, it should be located inside the plastic part or a part that does not affect the appearance of the plastic part as much as possible. Pay special attention to this problem when using push rod demoulding. The structure is reasonable and reliable, and the demoulding mechanism should work reliably, move flexibly, be convenient to manufacture, easy to replace, and have sufficient rigidity and strength. The ejector pin should be located where the ejection force is greater. When there are slender ridges or ribs on the product, an ejector rod should be set at the bottom of the table or ribs to ensure reliable demolding.

    The above is the design principle of the ejector mechanism, and the design of plastic dustbin mould can also follow this principle.