Solve The Problem Of Moving Boundary Of Thin Wall Plastic Mold

  • As the application of thin wall plastic mold becomes more extensive and complex, the requirements for the design and manufacture of plastic molds are naturally higher and higher.

    Injection molding products are thin-walled products. The size of the product in the thickness direction is much smaller than the size in the other two directions. The physical quantities such as temperature vary greatly in the thickness direction. If a simple finite element or finite difference method are used, the analysis time will be too long. , Unable to meet the actual needs of mold design and manufacturing. We use the finite element method in the flow plane and the finite difference method in the thickness direction to establish grids that are compatible with the dimensions of the flow plane and the thickness direction and perform coupling solutions, so that the calculation speed meets the needs of the project under the premise of ensuring the calculation accuracy. And the control volume method is used to solve the problem of moving boundaries informing. For products with different internal and external corresponding surfaces, they can be divided into two parts of the volume, and each form a control equation, and the coordination of the two parts is ensured by interpolation and comparison at the junction.

    The above is the understanding of thin-walled products. For more details, please visit the plastic pipe fitting injection mould .