The Industrial Tray Molding Method

  • Most people who know industrial trays should know that there are four ways of Industrial tray molding . Today we will talk about one of them, injection molding.

    The plastic pallets produced by the injection molding method are flat, bright, stiff, and dense, and have greater freedom in product planning. They are divided into double-sided integral plastic pallets and double-sided assembled plastic pallets. The ordinary product of the double-sided integral pallet has a self-weight of more than 15 kg/piece, and its appearance is rather chaotic. It requires injection molding machines with a clamping force of more than 2500 tons. This type of pallet has complicated shapes, large investment, and relatively high cost. However, due to the few production processes, the production compliance is relatively high, and the product quality is better. Few ordinary plastic processing plants have adopted this method. Double-sided assembled pallets, the double-sided integral pallet is divided into two upper and lower pieces, which are respectively assembled after injection molding. Although this product requires two molds, the mold structure is greatly reduced, and the total mold investment is still cheaper than the integral type. At the same time, the requirements for the clamping force of the equipment are also lower. The clamping force is more than 1500 tons, and the average plastic processing field is average. It's easier to do. This production method can become the mainstream of plastic pallet production.

    The above is the production content of the injection molding method.