Understand The Polishing Of Electrical Appliance Mould

  • As the electrical appliance mould industry, which is extremely important in home appliance innovation and mass production, it has also developed rapidly in the industrial upgrading of the home appliance industry. The technological product upgrade of the manufacturing process level of home appliance parts must also be realized through the upgrading of mold manufacturing technology. Therefore, the transformation of home appliances requires the advancement of electrical molds.

    With the large-scale application of mirror injection molds in production, mold polishing technology has become a key issue in mold production. Due to domestic polishing technology and materials, there are still certain problems. It is worth noting that the mold surface polishing is not only affected by the polishing equipment and process technology, but also by the mirror finish of the mold material. This has not attracted enough attention, that is, the polishing itself is restricted by the mold material.

    However, this kind of problem will have a certain impact on the plastic chair injection mould , but it will not be too big.