Seven categories of bathroom furniture



    The bathroom cabinet is mainly divided into the following seven categories, and now we will explain them one by one for you, and hope to help you.

    1. The characteristics of solid wood are natural style, simple, graceful and luxurious, which can fully reflect the owner's home class and identity. The biggest disadvantage of solid wood cabinets If the environment is very dry, it is easy to dry and crack, so use a relatively damp pure cotton cloth to wipe the inside and out frequently.

    2. The characteristics of ceramics are that they are easy to take care of and can fully reflect the owner's clean and lively rhythm. However, ceramics are fragile objects and are easily damaged if hit by heavy objects.

    3. The characteristics of PVC are excellent waterproof performance, and the color and gloss of the baking varnish are bright and eye-catching, suitable for fashionable and avant-garde consumers. However, the PVC board will be deformed by force when subjected to gravity and cannot be restored for a long time.

    4. Acrylic has excellent waterproof performance, but it is very brittle in nature and prone to scratches and cracks.

    5. MDF, the cabinet is made of MDF as the base material, and then it is waterproofed. The difference in quality is the order of the waterproofing process.

    6, Trimer ammonia board, similar to density board. However, the waterproof is treated with PVC edge sealing, which is easy to open.

    7. Transparent glass basins are now very popular in the market, but they have the most styles, the fastest update, and are easy to be eliminated. If you wash your face with soap or facial cleanser for a long time, it is easy to form a layer of dirt in the basin, which is difficult to clean. Moreover, the tempered glass may burst, which is unsafe.

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