Six tips to make your electric bike drive farther in winter


    The Southern Hemisphere is gradually entering winter. Most of the cyclists wonder why the mileage of electric bicycles will be shortened in winter.

    This is determined by the battery capacity. Due to the low temperature in winter, the mileage of electric bicycles will be greatly reduced, and the battery capacity will also be reduced. Therefore, the mileage of electric bicycles has also declined to a certain extent. When the temperature rises, your bike mileage will recover. However, we must do a good job in the maintenance of electric bicycles in winter to keep the vehicles in their best condition.

    1. Properly extend the charging time

    When charging an electric bicycle in winter, you can charge an extra hour after the charger indicator changes color, but don't charge the electric bicycle for too long to avoid damage to the battery.

    2. Store electric bicycles and charge them irregularly

    Some friends like to store electric bicycles in winter and ride electric bicycles next spring. It is recommended to fully charge the electric bicycle before putting it back. It is recommended to charge it every 15-20 days to avoid damage caused by long-term battery loss and other unnecessary economic losses.

    3. Keep the battery capacity above 25%

    When riding an electric bicycle in winter, it is best not to drop the battery power below 25%. If it is less than 25%, it will cause damage to the battery and affect its service life. Please charge your electric bicycle in time.

    4. Slow down your riding speed

    In winter, the temperature is low and the road is easy to slip. Therefore, when riding an electric bicycle, you should keep driving at a low speed in order to effectively control the electric bicycle in time.

    5. Pay attention to where you park

    The battery of an electric bicycle will be affected at low temperatures, which will naturally affect the battery life of the vehicle. In the cold winter, if conditions permit, try to park the electric bicycle indoors, and the car shed dedicated to electric bicycles is the best choice for parking.

    6. Timely maintenance of the vehicle

    Many friends have a physical examination at least once a year, so our electric bicycles must also undergo regular self-examinations to ensure the normal use of various functional parts.

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