Why are CNG dual-fuel vehicles not popular?


    There are two main types of dual-fuel vehicles: CNG dual-fuel and LPG dual-fuel vehicles. The most common one is CNG dual-fuel vehicles.

    At present, new energy vehicles have been seriously misled as pure electric vehicles, resulting in only pseudo "new energy vehicles"-electric vehicles can get government subsidies, while other forms of real new energy vehicles cannot enjoy any policy subsidies.

    At present, pure electric vehicles, which have already completed heavy pollution in the thermal power generation process chain, seem to have hit the world and become extremely popular, but in fact, due to issues such as battery life, safety, and cost, these vehicles are still difficult to continue to grow in a short time. In addition, hybrid vehicles seem to be more easily accepted by the market, but they cost tens of thousands or tens of thousands more than ordinary fuel vehicles, as well as the complexity and inconvenience of maintenance, which discourages consumers.

    In contrast, CNG dual-fuel powered vehicles are technically mature, convenient to maintain, low in gas prices, and relatively inexpensive. Therefore, gas vehicles will be the best real new energy vehicles in the medium and long-term development prospects. Especially at this stage, CNG dual-fuel powered vehicles are the most popular models in the market in terms of cost performance, but the production car companies do not pay enough attention to it. Insufficient publicity, plus no policy subsidies, and always in a "hibernation" state, once its market value is recognized by consumers, it will be a period of great development.

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