CNG fuel has a great effect on environmental protection


    The history of CNG as a transportation fuel dates back to World War II. The natural gas vehicle is a proven technology that has been enhanced and refined over the years into a convenient and extremely safe method of transportation.

    The development of modern technology has caused global warming, and carbon dioxide, which causes the greenhouse effect, accounts for a huge proportion of the greenhouse gases produced by the transportation industry. Replacing traditional fuels with clean energy can effectively alleviate greenhouse gas emissions, thereby slowing the process of climate warming.

    Popularizing engines that run on natural gas and biomethane within the transport sector is crucial for reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Supplying vehicles with CNG is also the cheapest way to reduce CO2 emissions in comparison with other alternative fuels.

    Therefore, choosing a suitable fuel vehicle has a huge effect on environmental protection. As a professional autogas conversion kits manufacturer and supplier, Jiaxing Lineng Autogas Equipment Co., Ltd. provide you with the best quality service. For more details, please We contact.