Natural gas vehicles can reduce PM2.5 emissions


    Natural gas vehicles are the clean energy vehicles with the longest promotion time, the widest area, the largest scale, the highest technological maturity, the most abundant resource supply capacity, high economy, and the highest environmental protection recognition. They are worthy of the vigorous promotion first.

    Natural gas vehicles first came out in Italy in the early 1930s. The mass promotion of natural gas vehicles in China began on March 14, 1989, when the Zigong Rongxian gas station was officially opened, and it has been 32 years since then. Compared with other types of clean energy vehicles, its promotion process can be said to be a long time.

    Tests have shown that compared with gasoline and diesel fuel, cars using natural gas can reduce PM2.5 emissions by 93%. Therefore, it is recognized internationally that natural gas is a relatively clean automobile fuel.

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