What is the preferred model for CNG car modification?


    At present, automobile exhaust has become the main source of air pollution in cities in my country, and natural gas is currently widely recognized as the best fuel to use.

    Compressed natural gas has very little pollution during the combustion process, and the exhaust gas discharged contains no lead and basically no sulfide. Compared with gasoline vehicles, carbon monoxide is reduced by 97%, hydrocarbons by 72%, and nitrogen oxides by 39%, so the environmental benefits are very significant.

    City buses and taxis are the first choices for CNG vehicle modification, and the cost of car modification varies greatly among cities. For example, the cost of refitting a taxi is 4000 CNY, and the economy of using compressed natural gas is very good. After using compressed natural gas, if you travel 200 km per day, you can save 13.3CNY in daily fuel costs, and save about 400CNY monthly in fuel costs. Modification costs can be recovered in about 10 months, and you can save about 5,000CNY in annual fuel costs in the future.

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