Madden 21 final Franchise update coming in February

  • In February, the third and final planned franchise update of Madden 21 will bring improvements in trade logic and the history of the alliance. This month, Madden 21’s second planned franchise update will implement new features such as additional commissioner controls, draft tools and house rules, and improved CPU QB Draft Logic. This is another advancement of the long-forgotten model, but there is still hope for improvement. EA confirmed that the final update of the franchise model will be released in February. What follows is improved trading logic and the option to view your franchise history. Madden 21 Coins is your main currency for trading.

    From the current situation, you can avoid some beautiful unilateral trades, such as acquiring an elite offensive winger for the late draft pick. Or, as long as the players you want to trade meet the team's position requirements, you can acquire some very high-rated position players. Basically, it is too easy to reach the threshold for the AI ​​team to accept transactions. Hopefully this will lead to more realistic transactions, while hopefully it will not eliminate the interesting aspects. You can buy Cheap Madden 21 Coins at GameMS before trading.

    The new tiles will allow you to view the major winners of the Super Bowl and franchise each year in the past, such as MVP, Coach of the Year, Offensive/Defensive Player of the Year, Offensive/Defensive Rookie of the Year, and Super Bowl MVP. Unfortunately, this feature cannot be traced back, so you can only track the franchise season after you add and forward this feature. However, if you want to start a new league, it will track each season from the beginning.

    Although the February franchise update will be the last update of Madden 21, I suspect this will be the end of franchise improvements. There are still many features required by the community to be resolved, and it seems that EA has received the information in the end. In the past, the developers admitted that not every feature can be incorporated into "Madden 21", but as the fan favorite mode of each new game continues to evolve, they will continue to be improved. Hope that includes coaching and personnel management so that we can sign offensive and defensive coordinators. If you need to buy Madden 21 Coins, welcome to GameMS.

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