3 best Pokemon that Serena found in the Pokemon anime

  • Serena met Ash to be a summer camp once they were very young. As Ash made his method to the Kalos region, they reunited and Serena joined the sport.

    Like the vast majority of Ash's friends inside the series, Serena had her very own Cheap Shiny Pokemon partners. She had a robust bond back with her Pokemon, which saw them grow in power and personality.

    Pancham. Pancham was the initial Pokemon that Serena actually caught. Her Pancham shines with its red sunglasses landing on its forehead. Pancham loved to do and your style in with Serena the basis of her Pokemon team. Pancham didn't evolve, nonetheless, it was still an effective Pokemon due to its size. It was often noticed in a rivalry with Clemont's Chespin, which created some comedic moments. Overall, Pancham was obviously a nice respite from the typical partner Pokemon of Ash's companions.

    Braixen. Braixen began like a Fennekin directed at Serena by Professor Sycamore. Just like every starting trainer in other regions, Serena had reached choose from three Kalos starters. Fennekin evolved into Braixen after Serena offered words of encouragement after a battle with Aria. Shiny Pokemon For Sale which like Braixen is great for your game. From there, Braixen turns into a stellar performer. It never did evolve to a Delphox, but Braixen and Serena were wonderful partners. It protected Serena in a number of sticky situations and in many cases received a medal from Professor Sycamore because of its efforts against Team Flare.

    Sylveon. Serena's Sylveon debuted as being a rather shy and timid Eevee. This Eevee, at some point, saved Serena's life, and this began their bond together. After seeing Eevee perform, and the other way round, Eevee was glad to join up with Serena if they worked together to defeat Team Rocket. Eevee evolved into Sylveon within a Tag Battle with Ash. Sylveon quickly forgot about its timid nature just as one Eevee and became Serena's most dazzling partner Pokemon. It displayed its dancing skills in a fight with various dodges and attacks. Serena's Sylveon is majestic and graceful.