The most popular race in World of Warcraft

  • Initially, World of Warcraft only released 8 games. Today, this game has become an amazing 23 games. Ten of them are called "Alliance Races" and they are like a variant. They can provide players with the ability to accurately play the required role.

    Generally speaking, Blizzard does not provide demographic information in a specific field. There are multiple different census items throughout the history of World of Warcraft. These are not official sources, so it cannot provide players with accurate statistics in each field. But generally speaking, this is a very reliable estimate.

    Humans are the race that Alliance players play the most in World of Warcraft, and this has accounted for 15% of the entire game. After Warcraft: Orcs vs Humans went live, humans began to exist. And humans have always been dominant in Azeroth's lore. In World of Warcraft, we are not surprised that humans are popular. For many players, they like to create characters that look like themselves. In fantasy games, you may feel a little uncomfortable.

    The night elves follow in the league competition in World of Warcraft, with 12% of their peers choosing night humanoids. One of the important parts of World of Warcraft lore is the night elf who played a vital role in the WOW Classic Gold ancient war. He once again played an important role in the third war. Night elves have many characteristics that attract players.

    In World of Warcraft, each race has passive advantages and unique racial abilities. Many players choose their roles based on aesthetics. They choose between humans, night elves and blood elves. In contrast, many players will prefer human races. Players need help in the game, especially for novice players. Players hope to Buy WOW Classic Gold get high-quality WOW Classic Gold. These MMOWTS sites can meet the needs of players.