Features Of PV Plush Blanket

  • In winter, almost every family will prepare blankets. In fact, let alone winter, we basically use blankets in all seasons except summer. Sometimes we sleep on the deck chairs and drink afternoon tea. Just put a blanket on when you sleep, you can enjoy life. However, there are many fabrics used to make blankets. Today we will discuss popular PV plush blanket .
    PV velvet is a velvet fabric. Because velvet is relatively long, it is called plush. At the same time, velvet was first developed in Korea, so it is called Korean velvet. However, not only PV velvet, but also plush fabric. In addition to PV velvet, Ya rabbit cashmere, cashmere cashmere, frosted cashmere, imitation cashmere, artificial leather cashmere V yarn, Di Ball cashmere, etc. can also be called plush. According to the reflection effect of PV velvet fabric, we can also divide it into matte PV velvet and semi-gloss PV velvet.
    The texture of PV velvet fabric is delicate, soft to the touch, non-rolling, and non-fading, but due to the weaving principle, it will drop slightly. No skin irritation, no allergies. Beautiful appearance and rich colors. It is also a new substitute for Chinese cotton bathrobes. Due to its characteristics, PV cashmere is also very popular in home decoration accessories, especially in certain home textile industries.
    But as popular as PV plush blanket is the milk velvet printed blanket . Its fabric is very soft and the texture is also very good. Therefore, buyers who have requirements for blankets may wish to take a look at these two blankets, they are both good choices.