The Application Of PV Plush Of PV Plush Blanket In Plush Toys

  • PV cashmere, also called long plush, South Korean cashmere. The main ingredient is polyester, which is available in matte and semi-gloss, without lint, no ball, and diversified styles. It is a knitted fabric that has emerged and is popular in the past two years. It is widely used in the production and processing of clothing, toys, and bedding products, such as PV plush blanket . It is favored by garment factories, supermarkets and traders at home and abroad.

    Plush fabrics are also the main fabrics for making plush toys. Among them, pv cashmere, elegant rabbit cashmere, cashmere cashmere, matte cashmere, imitation cashmere, imitation fur v yarn (usually used to produce more imitation animal toys) Di Ball plush, etc. Generally, the hair length ranges from 7mm-50mm, and the commonly used 7mm-1,5mm are more. Sometimes plush toys are made as ingredients or customized toys with special requirements, and 30mm-50mm plush surface is also used . When the plush fabric is compared with the short plush fabric, the two fabrics have their own advantages and disadvantages. Plush fabrics are generally more expensive and easy to or may be shed, but the simulation of the made plush toys is better than short plush, so we must fully consider the positioning of our fabrics when making plush toys. Is it plush or short plush?

    Milk velvet printed fabrics are also loved by various manufacturers and consumers at home and abroad. In addition to the various clothes worn on the body, milk velvet printed blanket is also very popular because of their color and performance.