Printed Quilt With Rice Paddy Structure

  • As a necessities that we need to use every day, the main function of quilt is to provide us with warmth during sleep. The most common quilt is made of cotton batting, of course, there can be other fabrics, such as flannel cationic jacquard fabric , which has very good thermal performance.

    With the progress of the times, there are more and more patterns of quilts. The most common one is printed quilt. Today we are going to talk about printed quilt with the structure of rice paddies.

    The novel rice paddy structure allows water vapor to circulate freely, which makes people feel soft and close to the body, and has a high degree of comfort. Coupled with the unique breathability and moisture permeability of the A-grade silk quilt, the silk quilt feels more talkative, refreshing but not warm, and not warm. It’s dry, it’s made of pure cotton, and it’s carefully woven. It has a fine texture, comfortable touch and no ball. It can effectively improve the quality of sleep and completely eliminate daytime fatigue. It is loved by consumers, so this quilt with a rice paddy structure Relatively speaking, the price is slightly more expensive than ordinary quilts.

    However, there are many kinds of printed quilt on the market, such as twill printing, or active materials, in various categories. So if you feel that the price of printed quilt with the terraced structure is unacceptable, you can also choose some other printed quilt at a suitable price.