Identification Of PV Plush Blanket Quality

  • We can find polyester fabrics in many fabrics, which shows that polyester fabrics have a wide range of uses and are widely used in the manufacture of clothing and industrial products. Then there is polyester in the PV plush blanket .

    Most pure wool blankets are made of wool, and their quality can be judged from three aspects. 1. The hand feel must be firm, soft, and elastic, which can be distinguished by just touching it. 2. The looseness of the suede requires that the blanket is not hard, the fluff is loose and not messy, and the fluff covering the surface of the blanket is regular and the hair waves are clear. The undercoat must be fine and dense so that the undercoat should not be exposed. 3. Is the gloss off the whole blanket natural and soft? Is the color beautiful or not? The edge of the most beautiful blanket only needs to match the color harmoniously, be flat, straight, and regular, without broken or zigzag edges.

    Of course, the milk velvet printed blanket is no exception. The above three aspects can also be used to identify the quality of the blanket.