Features Of Polyester Flannel Fabric

  • When it comes to flannel fabrics, everyone should be able to feel that this should be a furry feeling. If we only understand the material of flannel fabrics literally, we can only say that this understanding is one-sided. The flannel fabric is used in combination with other hair fabrics, then the fabric will only be better like the polyester flannel fabric is very good.

    The flannel fabric is bright in color, clean and generous, does not have a ball, and feels soft, which is very popular among people. The polyester fabric, or polyester fiber, has a series of excellent properties, such as high breaking strength and elastic modulus, moderate resilience, excellent heat setting effect, and good heat resistance and light resistance. The melting point of polyester fiber is about 255°C and the glass transition temperature is about 70°C. It is stable in shape under a wide range of end-use conditions. The fabric is washable and wearable. It also has excellent resistance (such as resistance to organic solvents, soap, Detergent, bleaching liquid, oxidant) and good corrosion resistance, stable to weak acids, alkalis, etc., so it has a wide range of uses and industrial applications.

    Polyester fabric is used in the home textile fabric due to its characteristics, of course, it is also a good choice for other purposes.