Safety Release Structure Of 1" Ratchet Buckle

  • n our daily life, we can often see people carrying things. Some people's things fall easily, while some people's things will not fall no matter how shaken it is. That's because something is fixed and strong enough, so naturally, it won't fall easily. Next, we will talk about the safe release structure of a 1" ratchet buckle .

    The safety release structure of the ratchet buckle is pivotally connected to the main body and the handle through a shaft thread assembly, lugs protruding on both sides of the main body, and pivoting parts protruding on both sides of the handle. The shaft passes through the two lugs and the two pivoting parts pivotally connect the main body and the handle. The shaft is connected with the ratchet wheel between the two lugs and the two pivoting parts, and each ratchet wheel is provided with multiple ones. For the ratchet wheel, long grooves are respectively provided on both sides of the main body for embedding the pawl pieces. A spring is slidably inserted in the two long grooves, and spring is arranged between the stopper and the main body. The pawl plate is pushed by the elastic force of the spring to engage with the two ratchet wheels, and both sides of the handle are respectively provided with long grooves for embedding the blocking member in the two long grooves and showing slidability.

    The structure of the 1" ratchet buckle and 2" ratchet buckle are the same, so the overall function and so on are similar.