Understand The Characteristics Of Ratchet Buckle

  • Everyone knows that the most important function of a ratchet buckle is to lock objects, so its purpose is to fix the objects moving.

    The right side of the strap fixing groove in the middle of the ratchet buckle body is also provided with a strap holder. The strap holder is fixedly connected to the main body of the tensioner. The outer edge of the strap holder is provided with a belt pressing groove for pressing the strap. It is movably connected with the belt holder, one side of the belt pressing groove is provided with a belt pressing groove handle for lifting the belt pressing groove, and the belt pressing groove handle and the belt pressing groove are fixedly connected.

    The ratchet buckle is simple and reasonable in structure, convenient to operate, and easy to carry. And through the unique design of the strap card slot, effectively prevents the strap from being pulled off during the tightening process. With this device, the packaging efficiency is effectively improved, a mobile office is realized, the workload of employees is greatly reduced, and the packaging effect is significantly improved.

    In the process of cargo tie down , ratchet buckle will be more convenient and faster.