Introduce The Corrosion Resistance Of 2" Ratchet Buckle

  • When we bundle the goods, the ratchet buckle is more commonly used, but there are many sizes of tensioners, including a 2" ratchet buckle .

    The ratchet buckle is more resistant to corrosion, so it can protect objects better at the same time. The belt conveyor fixed winch tensioning device, with an automatic control system set on it, can form an automatic tensioning device. It is a widely used tensioning form in modern large belt conveyors. Because the automatic tensioning device needs to complete the automatic tensioning process, The structure and control of the tensioning device are complicated.

    The biggest difference between automatic tensioning and fixed tensioning devices is that it has sensing elements and control systems. Due to the harsh use environment of the bulk material belt conveyor equipment, it has a great impact on the sensing elements and control system. Practical automatic The design and use of the tensioning device must fully consider the impact on the environment. To solve the problem, various automatic tensioning devices have been proposed or used.

    In addition to the 2" ratchet buckle, there are other sizes, 1" ratchet buckle or 1.5-inch ratchet buckle.