You can watch Hamilton's performance in "Animal Crossing"

  • Disney+ recorded Lin-Manuel Miranda's smash hit Broadway Records live, and Hamilton brought the musical to a larger audience. This led to a new wave of respect. And, no matter how superb they are, we like to hear all their voices. Like all versions that prove Muppet, the story of the ten-dollar founding father transcends time, medium, and sensed puppets. Now, the latest interesting crossover proves that the real purpose of music is from one of the favorite playgrounds on the Internet.

    The YouTube channel Guitar_Knight14 has been rebuilding Hamilton one by one in the world of Animal Crossing. He has completed all the content of the first act, and you can watch it in its entirety now. If you really like playing games, please trust us and make sure you have enough time to actually complete it. This mashup will attract you. Not only because the whole thing was scored as the actual Hamilton soundtrack.

    Although the animated characters of the game do not move their mouths, these entertainment activities have also obtained a lot of detailed information about the plot. From playing on stage prompts, to participating in singing and dancing routines in large bands, to Buy Nook Miles Tickets conveying real emotions, this quickly transformed from novelty to a fascinating viewing experience. By moving it completely from the stage to the actual scene, it feels like an animated film rather than a stage performance.

    Work on the second act of the show has begun. The latest version is "Schuyler Defeated". The first act took about seven months. Therefore, the project still has some way to go before it is fully completed. However, you only need to pay $2 a month to support the creator's Patreon to speed up the progress. Subscribers can also get Animal Crossing songs as early as possible.

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