Madden 21's Prediction of the Super Bowl Was Wrong

  • Before the start of the Super Bowl, Madden 21 predicted the outcome of the Super Bowl as before. Madden 21 predicted that the Kansas Chiefs would beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 37-27, but the real result was that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl with a 31-9 score. And Madden 21 also predicted the detailed personal data of some players. Let's take a look at the difference between the results of Madden 21 and the real Super Bowl results.

    Madden 21 stats prediction

    • Kansas City Chiefs 37, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27
    • Patrick Mahomes: 422 yards, 4 touchdowns
    • Tom Brady: 322 yards, 3 touchdowns, 1 interception
    • The game also predicted 2 touchdowns to Tyreek Hill and a touchdown to Travis Kelce, as well as a rushing touchdown by Patrick Mahomes

    Super Bowl LV real stats

    • Kansas City Chiefs 9, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31
    • Patrick Mahomes: 270 yards, 2 interceptions
    • Tom Brady: 201 yards, 3 touchdowns
    • Leonard Fournette: 89 rushing yards, 1 touchdown
    • Rob Gronkowski: 67 yards, 2 touchdowns
    • Antonio Brown: 22 yards, 1 touchdown
    • Travis Kelce: 133 receiving yards
    • Tyreek Hill: 73 receiving yards


    From the above data, we can see that there is a big gap between Madden 21’s prediction and the real Super Bowl result. In reality, Tom Brady led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a Super Bowl victory. Tom Brady himself won his seventh Super Bowl ring and won the MVP for the fifth time. This is contrary to Madden 21's prediction.

    Although Madden 21 used to predict the Super Bowl with very high accuracy, the prediction results in recent years have been very disappointing. Gamers, before the Super Bowl, did you think that this Super Bowl will be the result? Welcome to express your thoughts here.

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