It's helpful in situations

  • It's helpful in situations in which you may need many tools, and also the need for inventory space outweighs the demand for"high level" individual tools. Two examples which spring to OSRS gold mind are Hunting and also the Abyss. In the event you require a hatchet to help put your snare, like for pitfalls. And you can also utilize it as a tinderbox so you can cook the meat that you get while waiting for your traps to trap.

    Cooking the meat is a waste of time, you are better off alching or something in case you need to wait. Cooking the meat could be slightly useful as you will be idly getting cooking encounter while waiting for your traps. You have the option to alch also. It is personal preference on which one you'd do, but in case you decide to cook, then the Dwarven Army Axe can come in handy.

    I really don't see what sort of argument you're trying to present along with online on pitfall hunting. One has a variety of choices in regards to training Hunter, and pitfall hunting is just one of those options. It would be quite naive to assume that nobody at all utilizes pitfall hunting. I was simply stating one example in which the Dwarven Army Axe might be used. Do you have some type of a vendetta against using it for Hunter? I agree there are other training options that might be more effective, however, the Dwarven Army Axe can help.

    I took the axe with me now to miscellania to block a few trees, I was using it to earn tele tabs and get myself some strange rocks. Its useful for whatever people want to Buy RS gold use it for. Runescape is a sport, its supposed to be entertaining, who are you to judge wether how people send their time is pointless? Seconded, I used it today for my odd stones, I used it for runecrafting, firemaking, woodcutting and mining rocks (I realised it was steel D: ), on top of using it to get Miscellania.