What do you imply?

  • I started cursing the people on sals who advised me tht I wouldn't receive a free world. Together with bot nuke, im guessing a free universe would be less difficult to OSRS gold find. But get 70 pray for peity first. Consp gave me a much higher ABSOLUTE MIN!! , for moving at a 5-6 man group, so idk rlly. .

    There's a differnce, this men wants to kill him to get fun you wanted to kill him for money. Bandos has seen a cost rise recently so action in the gwds will of increased. Seriously? I expressed the fact tht all I wanted was that the experience of having murdered a high lvl boss. I stated a 1000 days tht all I wanted was fun, not cash. . And tht any drops we obtained would be only a little bonus. Which is why I only wanted stats that could let me survive the sergents.

    There's a high chance of dying in the event that you use the stats I proposed within this topic. The stats on your subject are secure ones. 80/80/80 is unlikely to die unless you are attempting to brew spam while your at like 300lps. Just tele if you're stressed. I think minimal is like 75/75/75 using 70 prayer as well as a tort? That would probably net you .75-1 kill, depending on chance. Utilize a whip, not a godsword, get given a bgs for the spec and hope you reach lucky, because Graardor has good def.

    What do you imply? I do have a fighter helm/torso. The special effect of the full set makes it easier to AFK there without perishing along with the stats such as Guthans armor are fairly great as well. The only disadvantage is that the armor (along with ever other Barrows armor) is degradable.

    Isn't that mostly for Cheap RS gold defense coaching however? I will keep this in mind after but does anyone have some power recommendations? Have u thought on shooting some armour their then when u reduced on health heal up and place your additional amour again if I recomend just some chest and d legs or somthing idk.