How to get more OSRS gold?

  • Prices are completely set by gamers trading! There's no'set value' that prices are predicated on, with the exception that a cost will never rise above a shop's most important stock price, or RS gold fall under the price a shop will cover it. Be aware that shops will adjust their prices based on this Grand Exchange, so it's extraordinarily difficult to generate a quick profit by buying from the shops and selling to the Grand Exchange and vice versa.

    The costs items sell at are not set by Jagex but from the players themselves! We are eager to keep a player-driven market, hence the prices are worked out using the supply and demand guidelines above. The market value of a product is automatically recalculated roughly once every day.

    Speak with Asgarnia and he'll tell you of an early burial ground deep beneath the pyramid of Azzandria. He will ask you to find a means in. Accept his request and prepare for a lengthy journey. First click on the Alter and choose Push (Note: It's advised you're set to ancient magicks.) You character will attempt to move the change (Even with 80 strength he/she can not move it yet. You character will slip and fall and take a little bit of damage. Next search the change and he/she will find 4 strange indent inside, 1 colored red, 1 colored whitish-blue, 1 coloured black, and 1 colored gray / Speak to Asgarnia and tell him everything you have found.

    30 Thieving. Recommended Things: Anything you need to kill a level 100 monster. Rope. Use the rope to get to the second level. Fight the creature, wound it. Then pick lock some type of crude safe-like object and get the key to the crate. Free the person.

    Prerequisites: Ability to kill two level 150 creatures at once. 50 Agility. 50 Thieving. Recommended Items: Whatever you need for your fight. Decoy. This is the last level. Go down the ladder and navigate some sort of agility place. Pick lock a door in the end and OSRS buy gold battle the 2 monsters. If using a decoy, it will completely distract 1 monster letting you kill the other.