This is not accurate

  • Okay after going to the grand exchange, I discovered a couple of things that could be transformed. For one why does the Grand Exchange have to be in just one city? Why don't you take the grand exchange and just put a clerk or somebody else from the major cities around Runescape? For Example, Seers, Falador, Yanile, Shilo, and Ardy. It might make things simpler for skills and such to simply visit the nearest one than to RuneScape gold need to travel all of the ways to Varrock. Then all the way back to where they were.

    Another thing that could allow it to be great would be creating the G Exchange Browse able. Rather than being required to say search for a product you could just go into a class and find the item. Some people would complain that it's copying different games. But how so? The truth is that it is a game, it is common sense, and it would make things easier.

    Also another option I believe that ought to be earned is bidding, say individual a puts up an item at say the minimal amount people may bid on it. It would of course operate better if there wasn't a min and maximum cost. This would make matters even nearer to pos. Player Owned Shops

    Something I do not like about the expansive exchange is the fact that players refuse to buy odd amounts of items. As an instance, I have 628 passing runes available for sale. The way the system is set up, someone could purchase 500 runes from me, however I can not collect my money and they can't collect their items until all of the runes are offered.

    Nobody ever buys 601 or 613 runes/logs/ect. The sum has to buy osrs gold safe end in zeros for the item to market. It is annoying. If someone just wants 500 runes, then they should have the ability to get their item as soon as they buy it, and I ought to have the ability to collect the money for your 500 runes while I wait for another 128 100 runes to sell.