Path of Exile: Echoes of Atlas is Grinding Gear’s most download

  • Echoes of Atlas is the latest expansion or update of Path of Exile. Atlas’ Echoes has 265,250 concurrent players on Steam, making it the fourth most popular game on the giant PC gaming platform. Since its launch, the New Zealand studio has stated that the number of players is 11% higher than any previous release of Path of Exile. This broke the participation of the Delirium expansion plan in March, when COVID-19 was raging globally for the first time.

    With the restoration of lock-in, it is easy to say that this is what is driving these numbers. While they are helping, Grinding Gear Games general manager Chris Wilson-Echoes of Atlas is welcomed for other reasons. Players can now Buy POE Currency to experience a more realistic experience.

    Wilson said: "In addition to the truly smooth release, Echoes of Atlas also provides something for every Path of Exile player. For the most stubborn players, we provide them with new peak content for self-testing, and Provides new ways to control the content they participate in. For ordinary Path of Exile players, we have created new ways to play and explore the world of Wraeclast by rebalancing all of our dominant classes. For new and old players In other words, the Etiquette Alliance provides an attractive mechanism, both for robbery and fight, and players can jump into it from the beginning. "If you want to learn more, please click on Chaos Orb.

    The league is the world you participate in. The standard league is a game played by ordinary players like me. The core league is aimed at more advanced players. Wilson knows this is still an impressive feat, especially in Valve's many large games.

    "Usually, each expansion will bring us into the top five on Steam. With the development of the game industry and the emergence of more games, the top ranking list becomes more and more crowded, so with the natural fluctuations in circulation, maintain the top spot It’s getting more and more difficult. Now, the number of players arriving there is twice as many as a few years ago." He said. "Every time we see Path of Exile and other hot figures in the industry, we still feel very happy."

    In November 2019, Grinding Gear announced Path of Exile 2. "The 11 new maps introduced along with Atlas Echo demonstrate the graphical quality that can be expected from Path of Exile 2. Our current philosophy of careful development scope for Atlas Echo also allows us to focus on Path of Exile 2 while still pushing the original The quarterly expansion of the game." Wilson said. Welcome to visit our website to purchase Exalted Orb.

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