This is the second week of Path of Exile:Echoes of Atlas

  • In the Echoes of Atlas expansion in the second week. The Path of Exile developers deployed patch 3.13.1, which includes some improvements, and describes other things they are working on. Explains the purpose of texture streaming and how we can improve it. Does Maven prevent the creation of the Nature Master task? GGG has investigated this and it is working properly. For some players, this seems to be just a series of bad luck. You can Buy POE Currency to get more powerful skills.

    Using Harvest Altas passive weapons in Haewark Hamlet will reduce its production speed? No problems were found, but more tests will be conducted to achieve good results. I caught 10 bosses, but didn't receive an invitation from Maven. This problem should be resolved now. If you have captured 10 bosses and have not received an invitation, you should receive a guaranteed invitation letter when the next boss in the area is killed.

    Due to invisible enemies, certain rituals cannot be completed. When the affected monsters are resurrected during the ritual, they cannot be displayed. This is internally fixed and should be deployed in our next patch. Forked River Map boss is too difficult. The developers of Path of Exile said that they have made some improvements to the difficulty of this battle, which will be included in future patches. POECurrency is a reliable website for purchasing POE Currency.

    Can you add pure gravel and wing beetles to the debris storage tag? The community in Road of Exile said it is doing some work for this, hoping to be part of 3.14.0. And improved the appearance. This change should take effect now, and you can see more clearly which "main mission" is activated on the map device. The limit on the number of crafts that can be stored is a compromise to maintain the availability of very powerful crafts. The "no hands attack" switch function can be reset. There are certain skills in each instance, but there is no update yet. Efforts are being made to solve the problem of black flame visual effects being tapped.

    If you find a sacred Grove emptiness, it is likely that you have spawned the battle of Grove Heart. Path of Exile can also draw people into battle by adding icons and possibly other visual indicators to the minimap, which can better signal that this is the case. GGG has resolved many common causes of crashes and continues to monitor and investigate reports that appear. For more information about Path of Exile and Chaos Orb, please click POE Currency.