Path of Exile Patch 3.13.1.d Brings a Smattering of Fixes

  • Path of Exile is a free and persistent online action MMO provided by Grinding Gear Games, which allows players to play roles and be trapped in the sinister Wraeclast continent. They can POE Currency Buy for design and construction. Players must be alone or in cooperation with other exiles to survive in this post-apocalyptic fantasy world. Realistic, inner fighting and tough artistic style will help players immerse themselves in this cruel survivalist game world.

    The latest patch of Path of Exile brings a small number of fixes, if you Buy Chaos Orbs, try character building should make your experience more enjoyable. Note that you need to restart the client to see these changes. This patch 3.13.1d involves an invitation from Maven and can now tell you which bosses you have witnessed. In addition, loading has been improved. After viewing the full screen UI panel, the texture will not reload. The patch also includes some bug fixes, including:

        Fixed an error where the passive node of the Guardian's "Aid Atlas" sometimes could not be activated.
        Fixed a bug where the replacement quality effect of abnormal golem gems could not work properly.
        Fixed a bug where the "Substitute Quality" effect on the "Phantom" earthquake gem did not work properly.
        Fixed a visual error that caused Zana's "Map Device" modifier to not appear in the map modifier list after entering the map.
        Fixed a visual bug introduced in 3.13.1c, which may occur when hovering over amulets and clustered jewels.

    This is a restartless deployment on the server, so you will need to restart the client to receive the client changes from this patch. In addition, in order for Zana's "map device" repair to take effect (for deployed devices), you must create a new Hideout through Helena, or let the Hideout instance time out. If you need cheap POE Orbs, please choose POECurrency.