Path of Exile: How some characters work

  • The opportunities to build the path of exile are endless. You can choose any skill and build on it, provided that you use POE Currency to build the correct passive skill. However, in addition to the selection technique, you should also consider the role. Let's take a look at a few of them based on their expertise and roles.

    The boss is the direct opposite of the cartographer. They focus on explosive single target damage and lack any AOE capabilities. The single target damage caused is unparalleled. They can clear the boss in just a few seconds, mainly for breeding unique equipment in the new PoE 3.13 patch and completing top Maven encounters. The boss also pays great attention to durability. Although some structures require you to carry armor potions, the equipment of most characters will greatly enhance their defensive capabilities. Therefore, the three priorities of bossers are speed, damage and durability.

    Maze Runner-up
    Maze runners are professionals, and are generally not recommended for beginners. As the name suggests, these characters are better at clearing the maze than any other version. To some extent, they are similar to Mappers, but they are only durable enough to prevent being hit by traps etc. You must have encountered those annoying traps that may suddenly terminate an otherwise flawless operation. Labyrinth runners usually do not take defensive measures unless they have to withstand what is needed for sudden trap destruction. They also have excellent AOE and are capable of killing bosses when needed.

    In arrears
    Delvers is a very specific high-skill cap construction. Unless you have a thorough understanding of the game mechanics, it is difficult to implement these constructions. Delvers specializes in pure raw damage, and does not have any lifespan increase or durability. Thanks to its excellent DPS, they can explore the mines in depth. Their only motto is to kill the enemy before they launch their first strike. You can always save yourself the trouble, and you can also Buy POE Orbs online. Purchasing currency also allows you to enjoy the game without having to constantly search for things.

    Now that you know how these roles work, choosing a role should be much easier. In general, the most common trap most players fall into is to create an omnipotent character. The best way to get close to PoE 3.13 is to POE Currency Buy and create different roles to help you develop in general.