Path of Exile-3.14 The Fate of the Harvest Mechanism

  • In April, ARPG Path of Exile players will see the next major expansion 3.14. Grinding Gear Games studio is preparing a lot of changes and discussing what will happen to Harvest technicians, because now it can easily get POE Currency and high-quality equipment.

    The original version of Harvest allows players to easily customize its construction using high-quality equipment and create valuable items in the mirror. Therefore, the team began to discuss how to correct this situation. When adding mechanics to the main game, Grinding Gear Games decided to use Harvest only as map content. With the release of version 3.13, Players can still POE Currency Buy, and then make very powerful devices. This also applies to crafting attributes that are rare for developers. This situation renders the remaining aircraft useless. The benefits gained also run counter to the core principles of the road of exile.

    Grinding Gear Games plans to implement changes in 3.14, some of which will weaken the "harvest" effect, while other changes will improve. In addition, developers will also modify Atlas Harvest's passive skills.

        It is no longer guaranteed that the seeds have handicraft properties. However, for advanced seeds, the chances are still high.
        Some attributes have been deleted. This includes undo attributes, in addition to those that delete non-specific types of attributes before adding new attributes, as well as all process attributes that act as sacred realms on specific types of attributes.
        The chance of finding the gateway to the sacred forest on the map has increased by 60%.
        The battle in the heart of the Grove will appear in the form of map fragments that will drop from Harvest’s level 4 bosses. This will allow you to sell them to other players.
        The crafting mod used to add a specific type of mod can only be used on items that have no effect. The exception is to add the influence model to the production model of the affected item.

    Although the changes made will greatly weaken Harvest's advanced skills, developers are still confident in this mechanism. If you need more advanced skills, you can also purchase Exalted Orb to enhance your strength in the game.