Path of Exile is messing with Harvest crafting

  • Last year, one of the three-month Path of Exile leagues was called "Harvest", which allowed players to plant seed gardens to generate monsters and eventually use "deterministic crafting" on items. This means that if the player’s dessert loot simply lacks a special statistic, they can put in work to achieve this goal. Most players are not loyal supporters of the league gardening. Fortunately, players can purchase POE Orbs to improve equipment.

    Just like before, this mechanism has entered the core game. Ritual, the current league, allows players to travel through the harvest area while playing the endgame and obtain a small amount of randomly selected handicrafts for equipment use. Not everyone is crazy about how it is implemented, but in general, many people are happy to re-use POE Currency with a certain ability, because it can bring huge build diversity and powerful equipment.

    The GGG team seems to want players to use Chaos Ball and Worship Ball (dropped by rare currency) to modify items. The problem is that not only these are very rare but also a specific set of modifications, or even ordinary modifications, usually requires thousands of Chaos Orbs. No one will do this, especially when most people are in a trade alliance and only need to buy what they want.

    But don't pretend to know what the player wants or how they play. If you actually cater to the community through changes, then you will work on improving performance, reducing the number of drops, reducing player clicks, eliminating bloat, or adding a damn colorblind mode. For now, I will continue to use a single colored ball (change the color of the item slot), and then pick up a gem in the inventory to let me know which ones are red and which ones are green.

    I love the Path of Exile. Since the quarantine, I have spent hundreds of hours in it. This is one of my favorite games of all time and definitely one of the best free games on the market. If you want to get powerful skill weapons in the game, then you can POE Currency Buy to get help.