Path of Exile – Next League Targeting Early to Mid-April for Re

  • The arrival of Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas brings major changes to the endgame of Atlas of Worlds, and brings new maps, new mechanics and new superheroes. The "story" of this expansion is centered on The Maven, a new entity that witnesses players' battles on the atlas. Through a series of twists and turns, players can invite The Maven to fight immediately with many bosses to get rich rewards, first two bosses, and finally ten bosses. Rewards include Maven Orb and POE Orbs for crafting and passive points in different areas of Atlas.

    There are many different passive trees available for investment in each area. Before investing, you can purchase POE Currency to increase your income. You can also place a map in an area of ​​Atlas to generate more Beyond monsters or increase the duration of Legion Totem. Many Ascendancy classes, including Deadeye and Hierophant, will also undergo huge changes to shake metadata.

    The next big league on the Path of Exile is coming. Community manager Bex revealed on Twitter that the official release of patch 3.14.0 has not yet been announced, but it is still a "timetable" from early April to mid-April. According to Grinding Gear Games, the release date should come "most likely sometime next week."

    The current league Ritual was released in January with Atlas' Echoes, which is a major new expansion to the final game. The latter has added new Atlas passive points in some activities to obtain additional rewards, while introducing a new multi-boss battle and The Maven as a new super boss. The success of this expansion brought the number of new players in history to a record high of 157,103.

    Although the developers have not revealed the mechanics of the next alliance, it does outline the upcoming changes to Harvest. Its production system was added to the core game along with Atlas' Echoes, and some nerds will be seen in the 3.14.0 patch. You can read more information in POECurrency, and you can also POE Currency Buy here to experience more game content.