Path of Exile: New passive abilities and other core game system

  • Path of Exile has a unique skill gem system. Put skill gems into weapons with appropriate types of slots, and then connect them with support gems to create new attributes or combo skills. In "Road of Exile 2", the skill gem system is undergoing major rework. Auxiliary gems were previously placed in gear sockets, but now they will be placed directly in the skill gems it modifies. Players can POE Currency Buy and then trade and get more precious items.

    19 new advantage classes will be introduced
    The expanded Path of Exile: Rise introduces a feature that allows each profession to branch into other terminal game career options. Duelists can become gladiators or killers, and witches can become occultists or necromancers. These superior categories add some much-needed breadth to the game style of each category, and Path of Exile 2 will add even more. The team announced that Path of Exile 2 will add 19 new dominance levels to the game. Currently, the game provides 19 dominance levels-each level can choose 3, except for Scion, which has only one option-the new "advantage" option may reflect this distribution in each class.

    New passive abilities and "other core game systems"
    The skill tree in "Path of Exile" is huge. It allows players to slowly build their own passive objects through POE Currency to build any game style they like. However, the skill tree in Path of Exile is absolutely huge, partly because it is shared across all courses. Players can start from a certain location on the broad upgrade map according to their profession, but can eventually blend into anything with the passage of time. Path of Exile 2 will make some updates to this system and the undescribed "other core game systems", which may increase players' choices when upgrading. However, apart from the addition of new passive abilities, it is not yet known what will change.

    It will be released in 2022
    Although originally scheduled to be released in 2021, the release date of the team behind Path of Exile 2 in early 2022 looks more realistic. It will be available for free like its predecessor, but players can Buy POE Orbs to enhance their strength in the game. This is worth the time investment, especially for free games, and hopefully it will become more and more popular in the coming months.