HBCU Gamers To Compete In LV Madden 21 Finals For Big Prizes

  • America’s largest sporting event, Super Bowl LV, looks different in every respect. The NFL's inaugural Madden NFL 21 x HBCU Championship finals allowed HBCU students to compete with each other for the supremacy of the game in the super popular Madden video game series, which is very suitable for social occasions. If you are a Madden player, then you can Buy Madden Coins to enhance your strength in the game.

    The game participants are from the black college league, which is different from the college football season. The participating schools include Alcon State University, Bowie State University, Delaware State University, Florida A&M, Grambling, Morehouse College and Prairie View A&M. The event was decided by Sony PlayStation 4-the organizers said that future events may be cross-platform. No matter which platform you are a player, you can buy Madden 21 Coins of the corresponding platform at GameMS.

    This event is an event in the latest ongoing cooperation between the league and HBCU. This cooperation started in 2016 with the Middle East Sports Congress (MEAC) and Southwest Sports Congress (SWAC), and then expanded to other conferences. . Natara Holloway, vice president of NFL football strategy and business development, said that this game is just the next step in the relationship between the NFL and the school.

    By 2022, the e-sports industry is expected to bring in $2 billion in revenue, which brings marketing, sponsorship, and other opportunities to students who wish to engage in professional games. This is a very unique and innovative method. Madden’s greatest hope is to help students understand the economic impact of e-sports and how to participate. The grand prize winner of the HBCU Championship will receive a prize of $5,000; the second and third place will each receive $2500. Donovan Burrell, one of the 16 tournament participants, hopes to finish at least third so that he can take the check.

    Donovan is a fourth-year student at Florida A&M University, studying business administration. He is a representative of the Championship Central and Eastern Athletic Conference. He plans to play with the Jacksonville Jaguars or the Atlanta Falcons and is preparing for the game by practicing his running game. The 22-year-old Burrell has been playing Madden since Madden ’03 (coming out at the age of 4). His mother cheered for her son's victory. If you are about to buy Madden NFL 21 Coins, then I recommend you to choose the safe and reliable GameMS.