Path of Exile: Your First Character And Beyond

  • Path of Exile is a layered game, each new layer adds a new element to the design of the character. When you choose your first role, it means that you have chosen a league and a class, and you have an understanding of the skill gems you focus on, and you may even have a general understanding of the supplier who buys POE Orbs. We will introduce some basic knowledge of the world so that you can take the first step.

    Starting an adventure on a deserted beach may be the oldest detective in RPG history, and it enters the story of Path of Exile. At least for the first time, be sure to explore every inch of that deserted beach. It quickly introduces the battles in Path of Exile and provides some introductory equipment for the class of your choice.

    After cleaning the beach, you can enter Lioneye's watch, which will be your first sanctuary in Wraeclast. You will often come back here to start missions and get rewards for completing missions. Each of the ten behaviors in the PoE story will begin in a new hub. Each hub has a variety of convenient facilities to help you along the way. Your hiding place is the place to store the loot.

    Each hub has a waypoint, which will be activated when you arrive. Unlike portals where scrolling through the portal creates a temporary teleporter between your current location and the center, these waypoints are permanent. Some areas also have discovered waypoints, and each waypoint will be added to your fast travel network.

    Because of all the dropped items in PoE, it is easy that none of them are gold coins or silver coins. PoE skips coins and instead uses all the shards and balls that fill your inventory as currency. Different gears will allow you to obtain different spheres from the supplier. You can even combine product combinations to get specific returns. POE Currency can also be used to craft and enhance equipment. Improving the current equipment is random, so it's best to wait until the character is well built before using any spheres.

    Every time you perform a new drill, you will learn new knowledge, and you can POE Currency Buy for help, then complete the last boss battle of the main storyline, and reach all the final game content long before the alliance is reset. You will begin to find new synergy between passive skills, active skills and equipment, so that new characters will become your favorite new challenge league mechanism.