Drini wins another Madden title

  • After winning the Madden NFL 21 Classic Championship on PS4 and Xbox on Saturday, Drini "Drini" Gjoka had a perfect result in the Madden NFL 21 Challenge Championship on Sunday. Madden 21 Coins plays an indispensable role in all aspects. Compared with other methods, trading is indeed an effective energy source at the same time.

    Drini played the Green Bay Packers again, winning the third Madden title this weekend in the first round of the day, defeating Munir "Ape" Ahmad Chaudary 16-13 in the Madden NFL 21 Challenge Championship on PS4. However, he failed to win a place in the Xbox Championship and failed in the semifinals. The loss ended his historic game and ended the four-match bidding. But he won three trophies and $51,500 in prize money over the weekend, and his total career income reached $364,300. If you want to increase your income in a short period of time, then you can Buy Madden 21 Coins at GameMS.

    In the PS4 championship battle, the ape-man led the game 10-6 in the half, but Drini returned to the battlefield and won the Madden NFL 21 challenge with a 27-yard field goal. There was 1:1 left in the game: 15. This is his 35th consecutive victory. Drini then said: "I didn't perform well on offense again, so I won, and I got a stop when I needed them. It felt good-I couldn't play a perfect game and still get a "W".

    Drini could not get the "W" in the next game, lost to Dwayne "Cleffthegod" Wood Jr. 27-19 in the Xbox semifinals, and defeated Mark "Schemin" Samuels 10 in the Cleffthegod final matchup against Hayden "Dusty" Hartigan. In the other semifinals, it is -3. It didn't happen for Cliff Gold, because he was defeated by Dusty 12-0 in the Finals by the San Francisco 49ers. This is Dusty's first live broadcast. He won a $15,000 prize and won the Madden NFL 21 Challenge Championship trophy for Xbox.

    In the first PS4 semi-final, Ape won the overtime scoring in the overtime and intercepted successfully, setting the score at 22-16 by Eric "Too Tenacious" Hoffman. Drini continued to play a strong defense in the second semi-final, and finally entered the final with a 20-3 Wesley "Wesley" Gittens. If you want to increase your strength in the game, then you can buy MUT Coins for help.