Path Of Exile: 3 Pro Tips For The Duelist Class

  • With a passive skill tree with more than 1,300 skills, it is easy to "down the rabbit hole" in Path of Exile. Buildings with lightning arrows, cyclones and energy barriers dominate the forums and guides. Players can purchase POE Currency to increase their strength. In this isometric action role-playing game, has the good old-fashioned hack'n' slash been permanently replaced? Keep asking this question, and ask any expert who has beaten the game with the duelist and is ready to hear the laughter.

    Stay away from the intelligence tree
    Although the game encourages a lot of experimentation, the dueler starts with the lowest intelligence score, and trying to solve the problem requires a lot of work. However, please don't be angry, there are many better things to bother, such as harvesting nerds. By insisting on agility and strength, the duelist will become his element and cause the most damage. There are some niche games available for curious people to try, but it sacrifices what makes this character so great.

    Sword live
    Holding a sword. Duelists have a large number of easily accessible sword fans, and they should be used. These are not trivial mysteries. Deft Blade and Cunning Blade each increase the damage of the sword by 22%. Between these skills, there are other skills that increase damage, attack speed and parry ability. These are all skills that are generously placed, and it is unwise to leave them alone. If necessary, please purchase POE Currency to trade.

    Balance strength and agility
    Although Path of Exile was released a few years ago, it is still one of the few heist games to be launched in 2021, and this does not happen by accident. There are a lot of ideas flooding into the game, and developers will definitely think of balancing the Duelist class. It is also important to increase strength and flexibility at the same time. Those who are too powerful will be hit hard, but will miss a lot of time. People with too high agility will often be hit, but the damage is very small. Duelists should build at least one bridge in each passive skill field of strength and agility, if they can POE Currency Buy. This will bring great help to the duelist.