Something you need to know to get started as a Duelist in Path

  • In the Path of Exile, the duel is the favorite of veterans. He is a person who can obtain a huge range of effect damage numbers and maintain his strength on the front line. Spellcasters like to believe that they have trapped the market in caring for a large number of enemies or weakening special threats, but they must look up to the duelist even in this regard. If players can POE Currency Buy, all this will become much easier.

    On Critical Hit Advantage
    Reasonably tell rookies to avoid using "critical strike" spells and passive skills. Professionals have mastered these skills, but it takes a lot of time to adapt to inconsistent abilities, which will disappear at unpredictable times. The duelist violated this rule. Due to the extremely high attack speed, the spell that triggers the critical strike will disappear regularly. Therefore, when other classes are discarding these gems, the duel should pick them up. After reaching sufficient attack speed, it will cause extra damage.

    Maximum output spell resistance
    It's not worth sacrificing passive skills or gems, but around Act 5, duelists will begin to feel the heat from enemy spells. As a melee role, these attacks are largely inevitable. Buying POE Currency can help, using magic-resistant equipment. There is no need to throw away all the duelists, the attribute itself reaches the highest level with 75% resistance. After reaching this threshold, players should be free to invest in damage.

    Watch out for piercing
    The initial "best" structure of the duelist involved the "piercing" operation, which can eliminate the biggest and worst enemies with a single strike. This move and the corresponding culminations felt at a loss. The build is still the best build for a single goal, but the community has put tremendous pressure on it to restore this fan’s favorite build. If you can buy POE Currency, then this will be very helpful for your build. As a duelist, please keep an eye on any changes and read the patch notes.