Path of Exile: Ultimatum - Teaser Breakdown

  • On April 8, Grinding Gear Games will host a live broadcast, showcasing Path of Exile: Ultimatum, and more details about Path of Exile 2. The 3.14 extended version will show the complete trailer and the use mechanism of POE Currency through live games. However, the new footage of Path of Exile 2 is likely to add interest to the video stream, because no details have appeared since the end of 2019.

    Alva Valai is one of the masters and other iconic figures from other leagues, Ultimatum can travel time and space again. Another option is that the corruption may have spread to the entire land of Woolaxter and Orias, making the obelisk-like statues that appear in the video occupy the area and influence the player must deal with. In fact, the obelisk seems to surround an area with red and black smoke. This may mean that the exiles will be trapped inside until all enemies are killed, and players can purchase POE Currency to enhance their game strength.

    As mentioned above, Doryani may be the focal point of this Path of Exile league, introducing the Vaal culture to players. These statues seem to have some different characteristics, which may mean that there will be a variety of encounters. In addition, these artifacts from the past can be seen emerging from the ground in the trailer trailer. This may be relevant information, as the player may just trigger the encounter by walking into the circular red haze. The mist seems to engulf all enemies within the radius of the obelisk, which may be the visual heritage of the area modifiers given to them.

    The trailer The trailer also shows the interior of a building that looks like a shrine or temple. This atmosphere seemed to herald the meeting of the boss, possibly facing Doryani himself. In fact, the temporary invasion took place in a small room deep in the temple of Asoatl. This is a constantly changing dungeon. Players can Buy POE Currency and travel through the past to shape it. The shrine of Ultimatum may also be a tomb, especially the tomb of Doryani.