NBA 2K21 Next-Gen Passing Tips

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    Lead To Basket Pass
    To lead them to the basket you aim the left stick towards the player, you want to go and then quickly press triangle or Y to lead them to the basket to give them a running start, when they catch the ball you just want to do this on fast breaks and around the perimeter against super tight defensive coverages the main difference as of right now is you can't cancel the pass if the player doesn't break free. So be confident your player can step into the open space to receive the pass.

    Bounces pass
    With the improved passing physics, the position on bounce passes has been improved a great deal and to do so you aim the left stick towards your target and press circle or B on your controller when pointing the left stick at your target, it's used to make it harder to deflect or intercept passes to the post around the perimeter and most importantly to rolling big man out of the pick and roll once you get an angle on the defender because of its low trajectory in real life. And in the game, the objective is to make it hit the ground right before it hits the defender, then bounces right up towards your mark.

    Skip Pass
    You pull this off by pointing the left stick towards your target and then keeping X or a on your joystick. For skip pass, instead of bringing up the symbols of hitting the correct button in time, all you have to do is hold the pass button and aim the left stick in the direction of the guy you want and since it's a skip pass it will overlook whether your target has a closer player in his way and passes straight to the corner.

    Lead To Basket Skip Pass
    If you want to pass to a guy but he has another guy in his way and you also want him to cut the lead to the basket skip pass would do the trick, to do it you press and hold triangle or wide to pick the receiver furthest away and use the left stick to select who you want to guide towards the hoop.

    Handoff Pass
    This isn't as deadly or consistent as it should be. But it only functions in a perfect setting. The guy who passes it screens the defender chasing who you just passed it to, if they don't, this does still give them a running start into the lane or the two-man movement caused the chasing defender to get caught in traffic, and to do it you target the left stick at who you want to pass it to and then hold circle or B on your controller to hand the ball to your teammate.

    Fake Pass
    To do this, you keep both the triangle and circle or Y and B on your controller, at the same time, this will help get user defenders out of place. Assuming you're gonna pass to another guy to open up better passing angles for the offense as for icon passing, this eliminates the confusion about who you're passing to by adding one more button press and all you have to do is press R1 or RB on your controller. If you see someone directly under the hoop pull up the icons and hitting L1 or Lb passes to the guy nearest to the baske

    Icon Pass
    Icon lead passing will make plays for teammates out of nowhere and all you have to do is press R1 or RB, then target the left stick where you want the player to go and then press his icon to confirm. You can use this to drive players over the line for threes by leading them to the left or the right or lead past guys to the rim. If you see they have a move on the competition, use this the most.

    Alley Oop
    To pull off an alley, you first want to make sure the guy you're interested in throwing to has a clear lane to the hoop. hen once verified you point the left stick toward them and double-tap triangle or wire on your controller to complete it.